Former Spanish colonies. Cape Juby

1hh, 2hh. 1916. 5 cts sobre 4 pts rosa SOBRECARGA DOBLE, 10 cts sobre 10 pts violeta SOBRECARGA DOBLE, en carmín y violeta. Carta Filatélica de CABO JUBY a SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE. Al dorso llegada. MAGNIFICA Y RARA. Dictamen GRAUS.

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flag_en 1hh, 2hh. 1916. 5 cts over 4 pts pink DOUBLE OVERLOAD, 10 cts over 10 pts violet DOUBLE OVERLOAD, in carmine and violet. Philatelic Letter from CABO JUBY to SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE. On the back arrival. MAGNIFICENT AND RARE. GRAUS opinion.

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